9 Secrets of Malas

Throughout Malas are 9 secret locations. These locations are only reachable by marking a rune in one of the hidden pouches scattered throughout the land. The pouch locations are given below.

To mark a rune, find and open one of the hidden pouches. They are often only visible using the “circle of transparency.” Placing and retrieving the rune from the pouch will mark it. You are then able to Recall to the given location.

130o 10'N, 20o 27'E

130o 10’N, 20o 27’E

Location one: Located behind a tree, on the North side of the Northern Crags, this pouch can be found. The rune will take you to the Broken Mountains.

114o 27'N, 60o 11'E

114o 27’N, 60o 11’E

Location two: This pouch can be found just above the Grimswind Ruins, behind the first or second tree. The rune will take you to the small floating island, North of theNorthern Crags.

125o 23'N, 21o 22'W

125o 23’N, 21o 22’W

Location three: is located inside the Northern Orc Outpost. Look for the pouch just below the bubbling cauldron. The rune will take you to the Broken Mountains.

71o 22'N, 32o 20'W

71o 22’N, 32o 20’W

Location four: is located a few steps away from the Albino Tree. The tree can be found West of the Bridge of the Divide. The rune will take you to the Broken Mountains.

16o 41'N, 18o 29'W

16o 41’N, 18o 29’W

Location five: This hidden pouch can be found behind the bar at Hanse’s Hostel. The hostel is found along the Luna to Umbra road. This pouch and at times the others is locked and trapped. The rune will take you to the Broken Mountains.

96o 9'N, 8o 34'W

96o 9’N, 8o 34’W

Location six: is found just East of the Crystal Cave, in the forests of the Crystal Fens. Look among the crystals near the base of the mountain. The rune will take you to the Southern edge of the Broken Mountains.

94o 44'N, 26o 9'W

94o 44’N, 26o 9’W

Location seven: is found in the basement of the S/W battlement, that surrounds the city of Luna. To get onto the city walls, find the stables in the N/E corner, and climb the stairs. The rune will take you to the tip of the Broken Mountains.

126o 12'N, 65o 8'W

126o 12’N, 65o 8’W

Location eight: Rather than a pouch, this container is a skeleton found in the Dungeon Doom. Find the room where the sorceress Victoria resides. At the foot of the candelabra, on a Northern wall is the bone container. The rune will take you to the Dry Highlands.

44o 49'N, 0o 46'W

44o 49’N, 0o 46’W

Location nine: is found North of the large abandoned orc fort, in the Living Forest. Look for the giant fairie tree, and then turn a bit South. This pouch will mark the rune, but the rune will not work. However, there is a 9th hidden location in Malas. It is found in the Northern Crags, above the Crystal Cave. Look for this marked rune in a library near you.

Rune Destinations