Blackrock Elemental

Blackrock_elementalBlackrock Elementals have begun appearing around Blackrock Crystal formations. They move very quickly and switch targets often due to their aura damage.

These dangerous creatures have spawned three times in-game.

Once was many years ago, just prior to the advent of Trammel. One had to be slain in order to repair the Bell of Courage. This was a Seer-controlled scenario that appears to have happened on most shards.

In the years 2006 through 2007, these creatures began spawning again. Killing one is very rare, as they insta-kill players when they reach half health, and the deaths regenerate it. There is no appreciable loot to speak of.

They were primary, it seems, designed as obstacles for the Mother Lode event. They also spawned in Luna as part of the an event arc in August 2009.

One should avoid death and use of pets because corpses heal them and they have an area health drain ability. Summons, such as energy vortex, heal more than they damage. Bards can kill if one is disco’d and two others are provo’d onto the disco’d one.


Blackrock Elemental Statistics
Spawn Locations
Fame Slayer Vulnerability Elemental
Karma Alignment Evil
First Seen Inu Arc Pack Instinct None
Gold 2000-2500 Magic Items
Special 4 gems Cut Up
Strength 300 Hit Points 2,457
Dexterity 185 Stamina 185
Intelligence 150 Mana 150
Barding Difficulty 160.0 Taming Difficulty N/A
Base Damage 28 Preferred Foods None
Wrestling 120.0 Poisoning None
Tactics 120.0 Magery None
Resisting Spells 120.0 Evaluating Intelligence None
Anatomy 120.0 Meditation None
Special Aura of damaging energy. Area life drain. Reflect Physical Damage. Extremely high Hit Point Regeneration.
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 71 (Variable) 54 (Variable) 60 (Variable) 56 (Variable) 40 (Variable)
Damage 25% 25% 25% 25%