Bog of Desolation

Bog of Desolation
First Seen:
Coordinates: 54 29’N, 49 59’EX: 2034, Y: 1004
Facet: Trammel and Felucca

Bog_of_desolation_mapThe overland road from Britain to Vesper is well tended, save for one area. Here the road completely falls away into a large watery bog. Hemmed in on one side by the mountains, and the other by the sea, the swamp is filled with all manner of beasts.


  • Acid Elemental
  • Alligator
  • Bog Thing
  • Bogling
  • Corpser
  • Giant Rat
  • Giant Serpent
  • Lizardman
  • Mongbat
  • Plague Beast
  • Plague Beast Lord
  • Plague Beast Spawn
  • Ratman
  • Sewer Rat
  • Slime
  • Snake
  • Wisp
  • Tropical Bird