Castle Blackthorn

Castle Blackthorn refers both to the destroyed dungeon in Ilshenar and the medieval castle in Britain.

Castle Blackthorn after it is rebuilt.

Castle Blackthorn after it is rebuilt.


Castle Blackthorn
First Seen: 1997 (rebuilt in Trammel during The Awakening)
Coordinates: 18 N, 14 E
Facet: Trammel & Felucca

Castle Blackthorn is the royal residence of Lord Blackthorn in Britain. The original castle was destroyed in Trammel by an angry mob during The Awakening event arc. It is later re-built to the same island by the court jester of Lord Blackthorn, Heckles.


Castle Blackthorn
First Seen: Third Dawn
Coordinates: 85 31’N, 16 48’WX:1084, Y:651
Facet: Ilshenar

Located in Central Ilshenar, the Castle Blackthorn sat as a reminder of the Lord who turned against the king. Although thought to be dead, Lord Blackthorn’s minions resided in the halls, defending against those who entered. It was destroyed during the second act of The Awakening event.







  • Betrayer
  • Blackthorn Juggernaut
  • Controller
  • Enslaved Gargoyle
  • Golem
  • Juka Lord
  • Juka Mage
  • Juka Warrior