Central Ilshenar Swamp

Central Ilshenar Swamp
First Seen: Third Dawn
Coordinates: 77 46’N 13 59’WX:1124, Y:739
Facet: Ilshenar

Central-ilsh-swamp_mapThis swamp is located in the South/East corner of Central Ilshenar, in between Castle Blackthorn and the Savage Village. In addition to the usual swamp creatures, there are heavy patrols of Savages near the fence line.


  • Acid Elemental
  • Alligator
  • Bog Thing
  • Bogling
  • Corpser
  • Giant Rat
  • Lizardman
  • Greater Mongbat
  • Plague Beast
  • Plague Beast Lord
  • Plague Beast Spawn
  • Savage Warrior (Female)
  • Savage Warrior (Male)
  • Sewer Rat