Crimson Dragon

Crimson_dragonDuring the War of Shadows Chapter of the Warriors of Destiny event cycle, a Crimson Dragon would appear as a kind of “boss monster” after the spawn had otherwise been defeated. These creatures were extremely powerful. They could turn Dragons wild. Other pets were effective, however.

They would “smack talk” to players, saying such things as the following:

  • Pathetic Mortals!
  • You cannot comprehend my power!
  • Sweet Death, embrace mine enemies!

Their attacks were heavily fire-based. Their breath attack did 60 points of damage, minimum, and typically followed another attack. It was rare for a Player Character to survive one of those deadly combination attacks. They could on occasion knock a mounted character off of his or her mount. Their “Vas Flam” (“Rise Flames”) spell caused deadly walls of fire to spring forth from them.

The Crimson Dragons bore obvious similarities to The Six, which had appeared earlier in the event cycle.

Crimson Dragon Statistics
Spawn Locations Trammel invasion towns after driving back an invasion
Fame Slayer Vulnerability None
Karma Alignment Evil
First Seen Publish 56 Pack Instinct None
Gold Showers piles when dead Magic Items
Special Peerless Items (Ingredients, Armor Pieces, ML Artifacts) Cut Up 40 Normal Leather, 19 Ribs
Strength 2,034-2133 Hit Points  ??? (a lot)
Dexterity 256 Stamina 253-256
Intelligence 1,067-1116 Mana 986-1,067
Barding Difficulty Taming Difficulty
Base Damage 8 – 10 Preferred Foods
Wrestling 120.5+/- Poisoning Not Applicable
Tactics 126.3+/- Magery 120.4+/-
Resisting Spells 116.3+/- Evaluating Intelligence 111.3+/-
Anatomy 118.7+/- Meditation 119.4+/-
Special Can cause tamed Dragons to go wild
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Resistances 80-85% 100% 50-60% 80-85% 80-85%
Damage 50% 50%