Damwin Thicket


Damwin Thicket
First Seen:
Coordinates: 13 11’S, 46 32’SX:5274, Y:3262
Facet: T2A

Damwin Thicket is located a short distance S/W of the Terathan Keep. It is an area of thick, raised, hedge row style clumps of trees. There one will find the Frenzied Ostard, as well as a light scattering of many other types of animals. The area is empty in Felucca, but a champion altar with random spawn in the nearby free area to the south-west is often referred to as the Damwin altar.



Creatures Trammel

  • Black Bear
  • Brown Bear
  • Cougar
  • Eagle
  • Forest Ostard
  • Frenzied Ostard
  • Great Hart
  • Greater Mongbat