Gargoyle Mining Camp


Gargoyle Mining Camp
First Seen: Third Dawn
Coordinates: 105 12’N,26 30’W,X:946, Y:427
Facet: Ilshenar

600px-Gargoyle_mining_campThe Gargoyle Mining Camp is a monster spawn location that is situated in the northwest corner of Central Ilshenar. It is accessed through cave entrances that are located near both the Compassion and Honor moongates. Here, Enslaved Gargoyles perform mining duties. Once these duties were performed for Exodus and Lord Blackthorn, but now they are performed for unknown reasons for unknown masters…. Or, perhaps for no reason at all, and the camp now exists simply because it does. Earth Elementals, Imps, and Lava Lizards may wander through the area, too.


  • Betrayer
  • Controller
  • Enslaved Gargoyle
  • Exodus Minion
  • Exodus Overseer

A quick way to get to the camp is to go to Honor moongate and then travel along the mountains to the north. A cave will take you directly to the camp.