Grand Arena


Grand Arena
First Seen: AoS
Coordinates: 86 44’N, 27 0’WX:939, Y:637
Facet: Malas

Grand_arenakrLove Sports? Here is the sports arena of Sosaria. This Grand Arena is located just South of Luna in Malas.

Complete with viewing stands and a grassy field, the sport of the land is bagball. Bagball has its roots in the town of Spiritwood on the Europa shard, and its initial creation is attributed to a player named Shri of Custodes Fati.

The essence of bagball: Two teams are pitted against each other in a sporting event not dissimilar from soccer, football, and basketball. The object of the game is move a “bagball” around the field and into your opponent’s goal; the team that scores the most goals within two halves wins the match.