Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley
First Seen:
Coordinates: 118 7’S, 24 36’EX:1673, Y:2968
Facet: Trammel and Felucca

Hidden_valley_mapLocated in the mountains just West of the Trinsic moongate, the Hidden Valley is completely enclosed, save for one entrance. This is located a the North end of the mountains where the river meets a cave. Follow the tunnel inside to the valley. At the South end of the valley, you will find a mage shop. Although the two vendors outside will be happy to sell you goods, the main shop is located in the bottom story.

Entry into the bottom half of the building is gained by standing on a teleporter, located inside a cave. You will find the cave a short distance from the rear of the building. You may find a small trap or two inside the ramshackle shop. But its nothing an experienced traveler need worry about. To leave the bottom story, step onto the transporter again, and you will find yourself back in the cave.