Humility Champion Spawn

Humility Champion Spawn
First Seen: Third Dawn
Coordinates: 61 20’N, 60 32’WX:462, Y:926
Facet: Ilshenar

Humility_champion_spawn_mapThe Humility Champion Spawn is one of four located in Ilshenar. Found among old ruins in the Humility Jungle, the area is dense and difficult to navigate.

As with all creatures in Ilshenar, some monsters will spawn as Paragons. The Humility spawn is always active, and rotating. Meaning one of the following five groups will always be present. (See Below)


Vermin Horde

Level 1 Giant Rats and Slimes
Level 2 Dire Wolves and Ratmen
Level 3 Hell Hounds and Ratman Mages
Level 4 Ratman Archers and Silver Serpents
Champion Barracoon the Piper


Level 1 Imps and Greater Mongbats
Level 2 Gargoyles and Harpies
Level 3 Fire Gargoyles and Stone Gargoyles
Level 4 Daemons and Succubi
Champion Semidar

Cold Blood

Level 1 Lizardmen and Snakes
Level 2 Lava Lizards, Ophidian Warriors, and Ophidian Enforcers
Level 3 Drakes, Ophidian Justicars, and Ophidian Zealots
Level 4 Dragons, Ophidian Avengers, and Ophidian Knight-Errants
Champion Rikktor

Level 1 Scorpions and Giant Spiders
Level 2 Terathan Drones and Terathan Warriors
Level 3 Dread Spiders and Terathan Matriarchs
Level 4 Poison Elementals and Terathan Avengers
Champion Mephitis

Unholy Terror

Level 1 Ghouls, Shades, Spectres, and Wraiths
Level 2 Bone Magi, Mummies, and Skeletal Mages
Level 3 Fire Gargoyles and Stone Gargoyles
Level 4 Lich Lords, and Rotting Corpses
Champion Neira the Necromancer