New Player Quest

New_haven_mapNew player quests are quests that teach new players about skills. These quests can be completed by players that are not new, however, they can only be completed once. Once the quest has been accepted, travel to the region indicated for accelerated skill gains. These areas speed up skill gain by about 0.2 – 0.5 per gain. While under the effects of accelerated skillgain skill points cannot be purchased from NPCs. These accelerated gains end at 50 points in the given skill.

The new player quest reward items are blessed and often contain skill bonuses that apply to the skill objective of the quest. Currently, the resale price for these items is curiously high.

Additional quests

Additional crafting quests can be completed repeatedly and give rewards of tools and resources. These quests do not give accelerated skill gains.

While not technically a quest, new characters created using the Enhanced Client can face the Dark Knight for additional rewards.


  • Mugg the Miner
    • Title: More Ore Please
    • Objective: Obtain 5 ore
    • Reward: Pickaxe x2
    • Accelerated Skillgain: None
  • Gervis the Blacksmith Trainer
    • Title: Battered Bucklers
    • Objective: Obtain 10 buckler
    • Reward: Iron Ingots x10 & Smith’s Hammer
    • Accelerated Skillgain: None

New Haven Bank

  • Sarsmea Smythe the Focus Instructor‎
    • Title: The Inner Warrior
    • Objective: Train Focus to 50
    • Reward: Clasp of Concentration
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Forge and Anvil

  • George Hephaestus the Blacksmithing Instructor
    • Title: It’s Hammer Time!
    • Objective: Train Blacksmithing to 50
    • Reward: Hammer of Hephaestus
    • Accelerated skillgain: Forge And Anvil (3)

Springs N Things

  • Amelia Youngstone the Tinkering Instructor
    • Title: The Right Tool for the Job
    • Objective: Train Tinkering to 50
    • Reward: Amelia’s Toolbox
    • Accelerated Skillgain: Springs N Things (4)
  • Nibbet the Tinker
    • Title: A Clockwork Puzzle
    • Objective: Obtain 5 clock parts
    • Reward: Clock Frame x3 & Tinker’s Tools
    • Accelerated Skillgain: None

Pressure Point

  • Andreas Vesalius the Anatomy Instructor
    • Title: Knowing Thine Enemy
    • Objective: Train Anatomy to 50
    • Reward: Tunic of Guarding
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven
  • Avicenna the Healing Instructor
    • Title: Bruises, Bandages and Blood
    • Objective: Train Healing to 50
    • Reward: Healer’s Touch
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Ninja Dojo

  • Chiyo the Hiding Instructor
    • Title: Becoming One With The Shadows
    • Objective: Train Hiding to 50
    • Reward: Bag of Smoke Bombs
    • Accelerated skillgain: Ninja Dojo
  • Jun the Stealth Instructor
    • Title: Walking Silently
    • Objective: Train Stealth to 50
    • Reward: Twilight Jacket
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven
  • Ryuichi the Ninjitsu Instructor
    • Title: The Art of Stealth
    • Objective: Train Ninjitsu to 50
    • Reward: Silver Serpent Blade
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven
  • Walker the Tracking Instructor
    • Title: Eyes of a Ranger
    • Objective: Train Tracking to 50
    • Reward: Walker’s Leggings
    • Accelerated skillgain: New Haven island

Hamato Dojo

  • Hamato the Bushido Instructor
    • Title: The Way of the Samurai
    • Objective: Train Bushido to 50
    • Reward: The Dragon’s Tail
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

New Haven Magery School

  • Alefian the Resisting Spells Instructor
    • Title: Defying the Arcane
    • Objective: Train Resisting Spells to 50
    • Reward: Bracelet of Resilience
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven
  • Gustar the Meditation Instructor
    • Title: Stopping the World
    • Objective: Train Meditation to 50
    • Reward: Philosopher’s Hat
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven
  • Jillian the Inscription Instructor
    • Title: Scribing Arcane Knowledge
    • Objective: Train Inscription to 50
    • Reward: Hallowed Spellbook
    • Accelerated skillgain: Haven library (8)
  • Kaelynna the Magery Instructor
    • Title: The Mage’s Apprentice
    • Objective: Train Magery to 50
    • Reward: Ember Staff
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven
  • Mithneral the Evaluating Intelligence Instructor
    • Title: A Scholarly Task
    • Objective: Train Evaluating Intelligence to 50
    • Reward: Ring of the Savant
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Warriors Training Area

  • Alden Armstrong the Tactics Instructor
    • Title: The Art of War
    • Objective: Train Tactics to 50
    • Reward: Arms of Armstrong
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven
  • Churchill the Mace Fighting Instructor
    • Title: Crushing Bones and Taking Names
    • Objective: Train Mace Fighting to 50
    • Reward: Churchill’s War Mace
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven
  • Recaro the Fencing Instructor
    • Title: En Guarde!
    • Objective: Train Fencing to 50
    • Reward: Recaro’s Riposte
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven
  • Robyn the Archery Instructor
    • Title: Swift as an Arrow
    • Objective: Train Archery to 50
    • Reward: Heartseeker
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven
  • Tyl Ariadne the Parrying Instructor
    • Title: Thou and Thine Shield
    • Objective: Train Parrying to 50
    • Reward: Escutcheon de Ariadne
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven
  • Jockles the Swordsmanship Instructor
    • Title: The Way of the Blade
    • Objective: Train Swordsmanship to 50
    • Reward: Jockles’ Quicksword
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Warriors Guild Hall

  • Aelorn the Chivalry Instructor
    • Title: Cleansing Old Haven
    • Objective: Train Chivalry to 50
    • Reward: Bulwark Leggings
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven
  • Dimethro the Wrestling Instructor
    • Title: The Rudiments of Self Defense
    • Objective: Train Wrestling to 50
    • Reward: Gloves of Safeguarding
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Necromancers Guild Hall

  • Morganna the Spirit Speak Instructor
    • Title: Channeling the Supernatural
    • Objective: Train Spirit Speak to 50
    • Reward: Bag of Necromancer Reagents
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven
  • Mulcivikh the Necromancy Instructor
    • Title: The Allure of Dark Magic
    • Objective: Train Necromancy to 50
    • Reward: Complete Necromancer Spellbook
    • Accelerated skillgain: Old Haven

Finely Woven

  • Clairesse the Servant
    • Title: A Stitch In Time
    • Objective: Obtain 1 Fancy Dress
    • Reward: An Old Ring & An Old Necklace
    • Accelerated skillgain: None

Gentle Rest

  • Asandos the Chef
    • Title: Baker’s Dozen
    • Objective: Obtain 5 cookie mix
    • Reward: Skillet & Sack of Flour x2
    • Accelerated skillgain: None

The West Mill

  • Hargrove the Lumberjack
    • Title: Chop Chop, On the Double!
    • Objective: Obtain 60 logs
    • Reward: 15 gold & Hatchet
    • Accelerated skillgain: None