Rat Cave


Rat Cave
First Seen: April 2001
Coordinates: 41 N, 20 W
Facet: Ilshenar

The Rat Cave, also known as the Ratman Mine, is a 2-level dungeon with a Ratmanspawn area in front of the entrance. Located in Ilshenar, it can be found by traveling North from the Sacrifice Moongate or East from Lakeshire.

The Rat Cave was introduced with Ultima Online: Third Dawn and is a Paragondungeon. While Ilshenar Minor Artifacts are a reward for combat here, Paragon creatures are a possible challenge.

Ratman Mine Entrance

  • Ratman
  • Ratman Archer
  • Ratman Mage

The ruins of a building complex are now home to a pack of Ratmen. Being so close to Lakeshire, one would think the Meer would patrol this area, but they do not. The spawn rate is low enough for a single character to farmgold here without much danger.

Ratcave_ilshenar_1Ratman Mine Level 1

  • Ratman
  • Ratman Mage
  • Earth Elemental

It is easy to mine most of this level. All of it, if your miner can handle a Paragon Earth Elemental. Several areas have no spawn at all.

Ratcave_ilshenar_2Ratman Mine Level 2

  • Bone Knight
  • Lava Lizard
  • Skeletal Dragon
  • Skeletal Drake
  • Skeletal Knight

Most of this level is inhabited by Lava Lizards, which are a fair source ofSpined Hides. However, the Skeletal Dragon that is located at the back, or West end, of level 2 should be avoided by all but the most skilled.