Ratman Villa


Ratman Villa
First Seen: Third Dawn
Coordinates: 70 55’N, 47 40’WX:645, Y:817
Facet: Ilshenar

Located in Western Ilshenar, the Ratman Villa is best reached by going through the Honor moongate, and turning South.

This is an old abandoned villa, complete with crumbling perimeter walls. The Ratmen have taken over, and have made it into a stronghold. Using whatever scraps they could find, they have banged the place back together with bamboo, logs, and bits of stone.


  • Ratman
  • Ratman Archer
  • Ratman Mage

Ratman-cellar-entrancekrRatmans-cellarRatmans Cellar

For some reason the Ratman share, or have not been able to take over the cellar. This underground portion of the villa is held by the Evil Mage. Entrance to the cellar is through the door, and down the stairs, located on the N/W corner of the first level.


  • Evil Mage
  • Evil Mage Lord