Royal City

Royal_city_aboveRoyal City is the capital of Ter Mur and the home of the Queen’s Palace. It can be easily reached using the only moongate in Ter Mur.


  • Queen’s Palace: 154°S, 41°W
  • Museum of Wonders: 157°S, 46°W
  • Royal City Public Soulforge: 159°S, 37°W
  • Royal City Moongate: 167°S, 33°W


Banks & Jewelers

  • Royal Bank: 159°36’S 34°1’W
  • Jeweler: 158°43’S 37°45’W

Bakers, Butchers & Farmers

  • Baker: 163°44’S 36°12’W
  • Butcher: 161°48’S 35°43’W
  • Farmers: 160°24’S 37°11’W

Carpenters, Bowfletchers & Artificers

  • Stone Crafter: 158°38’S 35°51’W
  • Tinker: 159°47’S 35°55’W

Provisioners, Taverns & Inns

  • Provisioner: 163°44’S 36°54’W
  • Tavern: 159°36’S 43°1’W
  • Inn: 163°28’S 41°3’W

Healers, Mystics & Magicians

  • Mysterious Magics: 151°52’S 34°56’W
  • Zosilem the Alchemist: 162°51’S 38°31’W
  • Healer: 163°44’S 37°58’W
  • Mage & MysticShop: 163°33’S 38°15’W
  • Scribe: 161°43’S 38°23’W

Tailors & Tanners

  • Tailor: 156°10’S 36°21’W
  • Tanner: 155°7’S 36°16’W

Blacksmiths & Armorers

  • Blacksmith: 158°38’S 35°51’W


  • Ter Mur Stables: 157°35’S 33°11’W