Spellweaving is a skill introduced with the Mondain’s Legacy expansion. It is meant to encourage group spellcasting by giving a bonus for multiple arcanists working together. However, there is no need to stick together once they have obtained their Arcane Crystal.

New characters cannot start with the Spellweaving skill, it is a privilege that must be earned by completing one of two Quest Chains: Patience or Discipline.


As in a dream, you ponder upon the cosmic forces of the multiverse. Numerous strands of astral energy form into enigmatic equations. They swirl around inside your mind attempting to engulf you like raging tempest. As the temporal storm calms, you come to an inchoate realization. You are able to calm it; you are able to understand it; you are able to control it. As you awaken, you feel invigorated with the arcane knowledge of the elves. You have now learned the rudiments of epic spellcasting: Spellweaving.


Icon_arcane_circle Arcane Circle
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Creates an Arcane Focus crystal which enhances other spellweaving spells.
24 0
Icon_attunement Attunement
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Creates magical shield around the caster that absorbs melee damage.
24 0
Icon_gift_of_renewal Gift of Renewal
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Heals a target repeatedly for a short period of time.
24 0
Icon_natures_fury Nature’s Fury
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Creates an uncontrollable swarm of insects that attack nearby enemies.
24 0
Icon_immolating_weapon Immolating Weapon
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Enchants the caster’s melee weapon with extra fire damage for a short duration.
32 10
Icon_thunderstorm Thunderstorm
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Deals mass energy damage around the caster and may caster a Faster Casting Recovery penalty on victims.
32 10
Icon_arcane_empowerment Arcane Empowerment
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Enhances the caster’s healing/damaging spells and increases the toughness of summons.
50 24
Icon_ethereal_voyage Ethereal Voyage
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Prevents monsters from being able to “see” the caster for a short time.
32 24
Icon_reaper_form Reaper Form
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Enhances the caster’s swing speed, spell damage, and resists while penalizing fire resist and movement speed.
34 24
Icon_gift_of_life Gift of Life
Mana Cost Minimum Skill When in effect on the caster or caster’s pet, the beneficiary will be resurrected upon death.
70 38
Icon_summon_fey Summon Fey
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Summons one or more controllable Pixies. To cast (and obtain) this spell you must first complete the Friend of the Fey Quest.
10 38
Icon_summon_fiend Summon Fiend
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Summons one or more controllable Imps. To cast (and obtain) this spell you must first complete the Fiendish Friends Quest.
10 38
Icon_dryad_allure Dryad Allure
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Charms a target (non-player) humanoid into doing the caster’s bidding.
40 52
Icon_essence_of_wind Essence of Wind
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Deals cold damage and gives a swing speed and Faster Casting penalty to nearby enemies.
40 52
Icon_wildfire Wildfire
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Creates a field of fire that damages enemies within it for a short time.
50 66
Icon_word_of_death Word of Death
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Does massive damage to creatures low in health.
50 83



Full spellbook
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To begin training, you must first complete either the Patience Quest in Heartwood or the Discipline Quest in Sanctuary. Upon completion of either quest, you will receive: a Spellweaving spellbook, anArcane Circle scroll, and a Gift of Renewal scroll. To fill the rest of your spellbook you will either have to kill monsters in Mondain’s Legacy dungeons or buy them from other players. Two spells, Summon Fey and Summon Fiend, can only be earned by completing certain quests.

Once you have your spellbook in hand you can begin training Spellweaving. The chart below represents the quickest and most efficient method of what to cast at each skill level.

Skill Level What To Cast Tips
0 – 20 Arcane Circle Stand on an Arcane Circle, Pentagram, or Abattoir.
It can be anywhere. The roof of the Umbra mage shop is always a good place to Mark a Rune. Now cast! That’s it.
20 – 33 Immolating Weapon Equip any melee weapon to cast. Immolating Weapon casts faster than Thunderstorm.
33 – 44 Reaper Form Make sure you are wearing 40% Lower Mana Cost and as much Mana Regeneration as possible. Keep in mind Lower Reagent Cost is not needed for Spellweaving.
44 – 60 Summon Fey/Fiend It does not matter which you cast, but Summon Fiend causes Karma loss.
60 Р74 Essence of Wind  Deals cold damage and gives a swing speed and Faster Casting penalty to nearby enemies.
74 – 90 Wildfire Target yourself. It will not do any damage to you, but will increase skill level.
90 – 120 Word of Death Target yourself and heal as needed. To reduce damage, discard the Arcane Focus crystal if you have one.

The following graph shows how each individual spell can be cast to gain in skill. Cross reference your skill level at the top with the desired spell along the left column. If your skill level is in the green, you can gain from that spell. If it is in the yellow, gains are possible but are more difficult. If it is not in the green or yellow, gaining is not possible with the exception of the Guaranteed Gaining System GGS.