Twin Oaks Tavern

Bottle_of_wild_hTwin Oaks Tavern (50°33’N, 17°5’E) is a building on the Ilshenar Facet. There are no NPCs to purchase items from, but the second floor Inn allows for “insta-logging.” It is adjacent to the Lord Oaks Champion Spawn and therefore the Inn could also serve as a mustering point. Role Players have also used the building.

The closest Moongate is Spirituality.


  • A Quest Giver, Lissbet the Flower Girl is usually found in this area.
  • The first table on the South wall of the first floor has an unseen bottle on it. Circle of Transparency does not reveal the bottle for a “mouseover.” The Object Handle is, as shown at top right, A Bottle Of Wild H… It is unknown if it can be stolen, if it is rare, or even the full name.
  • There is a nice tapestry on the second floor, which may or may not be unique.
  • The Twin Oaks Tavern is among the 19 locations randomly depicted in the Snow Globe Holiday Gift from December 2001.

The tavern has a basement that is accessed behind the bar and the bottle is “A Bottle of Wild Harpy”.