Twisted Glade Champion Spawn

Twisted Glade Champion Spawn
First Seen: Mondain’s Legacy
Coordinates: 13 12’N, 8 55’EX:1417, Y:1497
Facet: Ilshenar

Twisted_glade_champ_mapThe Twisted Glade Champ Spawn is located inside the Twisted Weald in Ilshenar. Follow the mountains West, from the Spirituality moongate and enter the cave of mushrooms. Inside you will find the entrance to the Weald.

Like the Spirituality Champion Spawn, this one causes characters to lose Karma. As with all creatures in Ilshenar, some monsters will spawn as Paragons.


Level 1 Pixies and Shadow Wisps
Level 2 Centaurs and Dryads
Level 3 Satyrs and Cu Sidhes
Level 4 Feral Treefellows and Raging Grizzlies
Champion Twaulo of the Glade

Twaulo is a giant centaur with bard skills.

  • Recommended Slayer: Fey Slayer for pixies and dryads, bear slayer talisman for raging grizzlies, no slayer for others
  • Recommended Classes: Two Tamers with pack animals and 120 Discord can complete this very easy. I.E. 5 (Frenzied Ostard) or 5 (Hell Hound).
  • Permanent Altar: Twisted Weald in Ilshenar
  • Title Rewards
    • First Tier: Banisher of the Glade
    • Second Tier: Enforcer of the Glade
    • Third Tier: Eradicator of the Glade