Vesper Cemetery Passage

Vesper Cemetery Passage
First Seen: T2A
Coordinates: 47º59’S, 16º48’W
Facet: Lost Lands

Cemetery_s_of_papua_map200px-Cemetery_s_of_papuakrFrom the Lost Lands Find the small cemetery that is well South of Papua. (In Felucca the graveyard is near the Forest Lord Champion Spawn.) A ladder will take you to two tunnels. They lead to the Vesper Cemetery in Britannia.



Vesper_cemetery_t2a_ent_mapVesper_t2a_tunnelkrFrom Britannia through a tunnel in the Vesper Cemetery, is an entry way into the Lost Lands. The tunnel can be found inside the crypt marked in the map to the right. Inside, one will find a ladder down into a bottom level of the crypt, and on to a tunnel. Although you may find a Ghoul or two in the bottom crypt, it is nothing a traveler need worry about. The cemetery in the Lost Lands is outside the guard zone.