Weapons in Ultima Online are any items that can be equipped in a character’s hands and then used to do either melee or ranged damage to another target (this does not include spellbooks, which make use of the Wrestling skill when held). They are wielded using either one or two hands. Weapons can possess a wide range of Item Properties, including Damage Increases, Swing Speed Increases, abilities for leeching hit points or mana, casting various spells automatically upon a successful hit, and many more.

Many characters without combat abilities will still hold weapons (or spellbooks) to take advantage of their non-offensive bonuses. For example, the Scrapper’s Compendium and the Boomstick are both favoured by mages. For similar reasons, shields are often used by those without the Parrying skill (though never in place of a good set of armor!).

Each weapon come with two Special Moves that can be activated using your reserves of mana. These can be used to deal extra damage, inflict debuffs on your opponents, or improve your chances of successfully landing a blow.

Types of Weapons

Weapons are usually categorized by what skill is required to wield them effectively.


See: Archery Weapons

Archery weapons feature ranged attacks using expendable ammunition. Some examples are Bows and Crossbows.


See: Fencing Weapons

Fencing weapons are generally bladed and are designed to deal quick, stabbing strikes. Some examples are Daggers and Krysses.

Mace Fighting

See: Mace Fighting Weapons

Mace Fighting weapons are bulky objects or staves, sometimes with spiky protuberances, that are designed for bashing opponents and dealing blunt force damage. Some examples are Maces and Quarter Staves.


See: Swordsmanship Weapons

Practitioners of the Swordsmanship skill favor bladed weapons that are designed for slashing at opponents. Some examples are Katana and Viking Swords.


See: Throwing Weapons


Aside from those items associated with the four standard fighting skills, there are also others which can be used independently to deal damage.

  • Fukiya

A short range blowpipe which can deliver poisoned darts. Benefits from the Ninjitsu skill.

  • Shuriken

Much the same as the Fukiya, but stored in a Leather Ninja Belt.

  • Potions

Some (such as the traditional Explosion Potion) can be thrown to deal damage to opponents. Higher levels of Alchemy improve the effects.