Yew Prison

Yew Prison
First Seen: T2A
Coordinates: 73°12’N 71°22’W
Facet: Trammel and Felucca

Yew_prison_mapYew_prisonkrLocated N/W of Yew, the Yew Prison is the holding facility for the criminals of Britannia. Below the prison is a passage to the Lost Lands. This passageway leads to the Lighthouse (location), which is in the far North of the Lost Lands Desert.

From Britannia, find the Court of Justice located near Yew. Follow the long stone hallway which leads to the top level of the prison. The entrance to the Lost Lands passage is located in the connecting building, underneath this long hall. To get there requires you to make your way outside, by opening secret doors in the prison. These doors are opened by double clicking on the correct wall sections.

Once outside the prison, entry into the connecting building is made by opening a S/W corner wall section. Inside you will find a pentagram, and also stone stairs that lead down. The pentagram will transport you directly to the Lost Lands Passage. (Activate the pentagram by walking across it.) The stone stairs will take you directly below, and into a damp basement. From here you can also gain entry into the main Lost Lands passageway.