No NeonsChampion SpawnsQuest System

No Neons

While we offer many many different color choices, we will never offer neon colors. Ever.

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Champion Spawns

For those of you that want a challenge, be sure to take part in our Champion system!

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Quest System

New to our world (or the game in general)? Our quest system will help you get your footing!

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Welcome to In Nox Grav

20090203113733This server was born of the Kingdom of Valar project that was started back in 2002 and powered by Sphere .55i.

Today, this server runs in the latest and greatest Sphere Server has to offer and represents a vision for what a proper Ultima Online hybrid server should be and is proud to continue serving the needs of its player-base.

In Nox Grav is focused on maximizing freedom, while providing a fun, rich and rewarding environment for as many folks as possible. The world itself will try to mirror official servers as much as possible with regards to spawning and general NPC behavior. Please check our Features page by clicking on the menu bar at the top for more information of what we have to offer.

A few feature highlights are our quest system to help newcomers get a foothold in the world of Britannia. The hues and dyes found here do not include any neons. We also allow afk macroing as long as you’re not resource gathering, PvP and stealing. Every type of character can be forged through the hard work and perseverance of the player. Please check our rules page for details. No matter what off-the-wall play style you may have, then this is the place for you!




To get started on your journey, please click the button above or on the “New Players” menu option at the top of the website. Also, be sure to sign up on the forums and participate in the ING community!

We’re always adding content to the website, so be sure to check out the Features and Guides sections as they’ll give better detail on the mechanics of our world as well as the different enemies you’ll encounter on your adventures.