It is illegal to:

Exploit the shard in any way. Attempt to gain unauthorized access to the server, or attempt to disrupt services. These actions will result in a ban of your account(s) and associated accounts and/or a ban of your IP address. Dependent on the actions, it is possible legal action may be taken as well.

Imitate any officials of the shard. These include (but are not limited to) Counsellors, Game Masters, Seers, Administration, and Moderators.

Advertise other games or other shards, both in game and on the message boards.

Sell items or gold for real world cash or items. This includes (but is not limited to) Ebay.

Trade items or gold, for items or gold on another shard or any other game.

Gather data about In Nox Grav users or their accounts. It may result in the banning of your account(s) and possible legal action.


Exploiting is immediately treated as a heavy violation. All in-game entities such as pets and items that were used for the exploit, or that were the result of the exploit, may (read: probably) be permanently impounded. Your account or any accounts related to this may be temporarily or permanently banned.

There is a much better alternative:

Report the exploit to the staff so that we may fix it, you will receive a reward and a mark on your account that you’ve done a good deed for the shard.

How can you know if you’re exploiting? Here are some of the signs:

If something is bringing a very above average gain.

If it’s considered that it should be kept away from staff’s knowledge.

If something requires a very specific set of actions you need to take, in order to perform something that you normally couldn’t.

If you are able to perform an action that seems illogical or against the written rules.


Accounts are the player’s responsibility.

Accounts are limited to 3 accounts per IP address, regardless of the number of people playing from that IP. Although it is possible to create or acquire more than 3 accounts, any accounts above this number in your control will be deemed illegal. Players found over the account limit may have accounts randomly deleted to trim that player down to the correct number. This is a manual process, handled by the shard administrators on a case by case basis. Obvious abuse may result in the deletion of all accounts and/or a ban of the IP(s).

Account banning is done by IP address, not by account. If you are banned, all of your accounts will be banned.

Accounts are the player’s responsibility. Be sure to register your account.

Accounts not refreshed (by logging in) after 90 days will automatically be deactivated and deleted. These accounts cannot be rescued or replaced by staff.

You are responsible for the actions on your account. It is not advisable to share your account, account login information or passwords with anyone.

Staff will never ask for your password. Do not share it with anyone.

Behavior Towards Players

Blocking during combat, with either your character, or another object is within the rules. This includes boxing people in with objects.

It is against the rules to contain a players ghost in such a way that they cannot escape. Players using objects to block other players, must remove the objects in an expedient manner upon the death of the trapped player.

Stamina trapping using your avatar is within the rules.

Turreting (Multi-Client PvP)

Multiple player turreting is legal. This is more closely defined as multiple players each using a single client to coordinate a strike on a target.

Faction guard turreting is legal

One player using multiple characters to turret (and scripts/razor macros) is NOT legal.

Players found using these methods will be banned in the same manner as an afk resource gatherer.

Trapping pets in houses or on boats is within the rules.

Behavior Towards Staff

Staff contribute time to benefit the shard and its players. At all times use proper language and respect when interacting with a staff member.

Do not attack, or otherwise interfere with a player being aided by Staff.

Do not attack Staff characters whether present or afk. Attacking staff will get you deleted. This rule only applies to staff level characters. The player level characters that a staff member is playing on is not protected by any special rule(s).

Do not page or ask staff to give handouts or hold events.

Staff will not move a player who is lost. In order for a player to be moved by staff, they must truly be stuck due to over-patching/client error. Do not page to be moved because you are lost.

Under no circumstances will staff return lost items. Game-play is at your own risk. This includes (but is not limited to) duel pits, vendors and trades.

At no time is paging to swear, insult or argue with staff acceptable. Such actions may result in a removal of your paging privileges and/or jail time.

Players with a legitimate complaint with regards to Staff should send their statement to

Spamming in game, repeated paging or posting on the forums are not acceptable methods of dealing with this issue. These actions may result in a squelch, page squelch or loss of forum privileges.

AFK Macroing (and macroing in general)

Unattended macroing is within the rules, but is at the player’s own risk. It may not include gathering of resources, purchasing of items or taming of animals. Staff is not responsible for (nor will we replace) any lost or stolen items while you were afk.

Contacting Staff

If you encounter an issue in game, feel free to contact a member of staff either via the in-game paging system, or via the forums. Please make sure that you do NOT post personal information or account information in the page or on the forums.


Coming soon!


You may own one house per character.

It is illegal to:

Use a macro or script to complete any part of the house placement procedure. It must be done entirely by hand.

Trap an NPC in your house. If the NPC can get in, exits must be available for it to leave.

Block a house sign with items or creatures. Items blocking a house sign will be moved or removed (deleted) by staff.

It is legal to:

Trap pets inside a house.

Trap players within a house. Enter a player’s house at your own risk!


Rules regarding boats:

It is illegal to:

Leave boats placed blocking access to mountains, passageways, and ports. Boats found to be in violation of this rule will be removed without refund.

It is legal to:

Place boats to block movement during combat.

Board another players’ boat and/or interfere with the commands.

Break into another boat’s hold. Boat holds are not secure. Store items here at your own risk!


Coming soon!

Third Party Programs

The only approved 3rd party programs are Razor, ConnectUO and those listed on the UOPro Programs List. Any other 3rd party program, such as EasyUO, is strictly against the rules and may result in banning or jail time.

Client modifications are prohibited and may result in banning or jail time.

It is against the rules to distribute client modification either through the game, the message board, or through websites associated with In Nox Grav.