Ever since the release of Ultima Online: Lord Blackthorn’s Revenge, players have been enjoying the new MP3 music and the ability to use their own MP3s. There are some of us however that still remember and enjoy the old MIDI music. The old MIDIs in Ultima Online: Renaissance may be outdated technology but they are still excellent musical compositions. The beautiful music of UO:R is now collecting dust and fading from our memories. It is a shame to see such good music going to waste. The following download is a complete drag-and-drop solution to replacing EA’s selection of music with the “old school” music, just remastered and formatted for .mp3.

All you need to do is go into your UO installation directory, go into the Music folder and rename the current Digital directory to something else (like Digital_old) and then put this new Digital folder in its place. I’ve put all the songs on a loop, and can understand if that gets annoying for you. If that’s the case, simply go into the Digital folder and open up the Config.txt file and remove the “,loop” information as you see fit.

Remastered Original Ultima Online Music [ Click Here ]

Client Download [ Click Here ]