Britain Sewers


Britain Sewers
First Seen: October 24, 1998
Coordinates: 1°29’S 11°48’E
Facet: Felucca/Trammel

The Britain Sewers only can be loosely considered a dungeon. It is primarily known as a passage to the Lost Lands. The sewers were introduced by UO’s first expansion in 1998, along with the Lost Lands.

The sewer entrance is located inside the southern entrance to the battlement that runs across the City of Britain, east to west. Adventurers must descend one of the two ladders. The Lost Lands exit is just north of the large swamp southeast of Papua, known as Hoppers Bog.

Sewer Navigation

Point A: Entering from Britain. Point B: Entering from the Lost Lands.

Some forum posts have noted the difficulty of navigating certain points of the sewers.

According to UOForums poster Stewan Seagull, “The trick is to jump off one of the high ledges down to the walk below. On the map, it’s in the middle of the south side. [The walk] back [is] a similar jump on the north side.”


On facet Trammel, the following creatures inhabit the sewers:

  • Alligator
  • Bullfrog
  • Giant Rat
  • Rat
  • Sewer Rat


  • There are no creatures in the facet Felucca’s Britain Sewers
  • The Britain Sewers is a route to the Champion Spawn that located in the Hopper’s Bog swamp, southwest of the exit.


  • The Inu the Crone plot involved the Sewers. On June 12, 2006, the password “Charvory” is learned from Kurai Kabuto, rune beetle of the then missing Inu the Crone. When spoken at a sign inside the Britain Sewers, you get teleported into the “Deep Sewers”. This area is where Inu was taken by her kidnapper. In the back of the Deep Sewers there are remains of a moongate.
  • The sewers are often used in Role Playing, see Missing Girls EM Quest by PaxLair.
  • Was greatly used as a quick route to mount a Rideable Llama. For a time, you could only get on a Rideable Llama while in the Lost Lands.