Gargoyle Shrine of Virtues


Gargoyle Shrine of Virtues
First Seen: Third Dawn
Coordinates: 107 13’N, 15 15’WX:1106, Y:404
Facet: Ilshenar

Gargoyle_shrine_mapIt’s located in Central Ilshenar in the north of the savage land around the foundations of the destroyed Castle Blackthorn. Quick access by Compassion Moongate and heading west. Remote and idyllic, the Gargoyle Shrine of Virtues is a white marble edifice surrounded by water. In addition to aesthetic appreciation and contemplative meditation, the location can be used like an ankh shrine for the resurrection of the dead.

The Gargoyle Shrine is based on the three principles and eight virtues of their race: Control, Passion and Diligence. Based on these three principles, their virtues are:

Virtue Principles
Direction Control
Feeling Passion
Persistence Diligence
Balance Control, Passion
Achievement Passion, Diligence
Precision Control, Diligence
Order Absence of Control, Passion, Diligence
Singularity Control, Passion, Diligence